North Shore Libraries

The Newburyport Library is just one of the wonderful libraries on the North Shore of Massachusetts

Libraries are wonderful community resources.  They offer a lot more than just a place to borrow books - they serve as venues, local archives, educations centers and social gathering places. Many offer a wide array of programming for kids and families!  Check out your local library, and don't be afraid to visit libraries in other towns.  At the library, you'll learn, have some fun and make new friends, so go today and see what you're missing!

North Shore Playgrounds

Sometimes when you're on the go, and things are getting hectic, it's great to be able to pull over and let the kids decompress at a playground.  We have compiled a list of alot (but not all) of the playgrounds on the North Shore.  We like to visit the different ones on our routes around Essex county, and compare them.  If we see one we haven't been to, we'll stop and give it a try. Have a look, explore and discover the North Shore through a playground tour!

North Shore Trails

The North Shore has many miles of trails over all kinds of terrain.  Hike in the forest, through moraine boulder feilds, over dunes, and through varied habitats that offer many different kinds of flora and fauna. It's not just about hiking either - many trails are accessible to cross country skiers, showshoe enthusiast and mountain bikers too. Check out our complete list of places hike, run and walk on the North Shore, and discover the unique beauty of this wonderful part of Massachusetts!

Ice Cream on the North Shore

There are plenty of place to buy ice cream on the North Shore! What's your favorite?

Whether you're headed home from the beach, looking for a snack after a walk or just want to get together with the family for some sweet fun, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the great places to buy Ice Cream on the North Shore!  Some make their own, some buy bulk and some are channels to the ever-popular Richarchardson's brand, made right here on at Richardson's Dairy Farm in Middleton! There are so many to visit the you could make a game of it and become the ice cream secret gourmet for the North Shore!

North Shore Museums

Dragons on display at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem Massachusetts

There a many great musuems on the North Shore due to the area's history, cultural diversity, maritime heritage and roots in colonial America. There are plenty to visit, and if you include museums in the greater Boston area, there are almost too many to visit. Check out our list of museums.  You'll find that the North Shore and surrounding areas cover a wide variety of interest through their museums - everything from art to colonial settlements to textiles to science and robotics!


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