Culinary Skills Series at Appleton Farms

Hone you culinary skills at this Appleton Cooks workshop series in Ipswich Massachusetts!

This ‘back-to-basics’ series provides a comprehensive approach to the fundamentals of cooking as we explore traditional culinary methods & techniques to enhance your knowledge, skill, and understanding in the kitchen.  Each workshop will focus in-depth on a particular skill set, with guided hands-on practice as we prepare seasonal dishes applying specific techniques. Proper knife skills, measuring, and kitchen tools will also be discussed, and all workshops include chef instruction, printed recipes, and a light lunch in the farmhouse! 

  • 3/11/2017 | Skills 1 | 3/11/2017 Cooking Methods 
    • Searing, braising, roasting, saute....learn how and when to apply these methods in your daily cooking, dry heat vs. moist cooking, and proper technique for success
  • 3/11/2017 | Skills 2 | Sauces & Seasoning
    • Learn about ‘mother’ sauces, thickening, reduction, and how to properly season during cooking for best flavor!
  • 3/11/2017 | Skills 3 | Recipe Development
    • This final series workshop offers a fun approach to learning how to ‘wing it’ in the kitchen and create new recipes at home! We’ll use identical ingredients to create three completely different dishes while applying various cooking techniques.  This is fun, stress-free way to ‘play’ in the kitchen and get confident with creating new family favorites at home

***Sign up for one or all three***

Saturday, March 11 - 25, 2017 10am-12pm
TTOR Members: $60
Non-Members: $75
978.356.5728 x.4112