MIT Open Course Ware for High School Students

The MIT Dome Copyright 2007 Eric Baetscher. Open Course Ware FREE.

Did you know that MIT offers a huge catalog of free online courses where you can dive right in and start expanding your horizons right the comfort of your own home? They offer over 2000 courses ranging from Sciences & Humantities to Management & Engineering. The courses are open to anybody who wishes to try them. MIT has also developed a course selection for teens looking to get a taste of what MIT has to offer, become better students and help them prepare for their AP exams.

April Vacation Week with Joppa Flats

Lisa Hutchings of Mass Audubon Joppa Flats Education Center teaches children with hands-on activities!

Mass Audubon's Joppa Flats Education Center in Newburyport has lots of fun excrusions planned for April Vacation Week! Let's head for the hills and the marsh and the pond! Miss Lisa and Miss Kirsten are ready for an out-of-school adventure, and they have all the field equipment we'll need to go on a mini-trek to explore some of our favorite habitats.

April Vacation Week at Maritime Gloucester

Kids pre-k through grade 5 will love the engaging, interactive and fun April Vac

Maritime Gloucester has planned a fulfilling and fun week of programs for kids during April Vacation 2014. The programs are geared towards learning about life in the sea, and on it! Daily session are offered through the week, and offerings will be split by age - pre-K through 1st grade and grades 2-5.  These sessions are part story, part presentation and part art or craft project.  Kids will learn about sea life, sail and wind power, lobstering and more!

Peabody Library's Creativity Lab

Peabody Library creativity lab is the perfect place for makers to collaborate!

Do you have a maker in your family?  Here is a wonderful resource right on the North Shore to facilitate their desire to create! The Peabody Institute Library has recently opened their new Creativity Lab that includes an array of tools that can be used to make and fabricate all kinds of projects.  From music to sewing to electronics, the Creativity Lab is a great place to come to collaborate with others, brainstorm, make and create!  Come visit the lab and nurture your desire to make something better with your own ideas, or to create something completely unique!

Perseid Meteor Shower 2017

The Persied Meteor Shower promises a great show if the skies are clear!

The Perseid meteor show is an annual astronomy event that happens on Earth between mid- July and late August.  In 2017, the Perseids will be peaking on August 12th, with the best viewing being August 11-13!  Many meteors will be visible in the night sky as Earth passes through the debris trail left by the passage of comet Sift-Tuttle.  This years showers should have up to one hundred meteors per hour and the best time to view them is the dark hours before dawn. 

Shark Week at Maritime Gloucester

Learn about sharks all week long at Maritime Gloucester!

Maritime Gloucester as their own version of Shark Week! Come learn about sharks and their cousins all week long with fun activities and educational sessions! Draw a life shark in the chalkquarium, learn about plankton feeders and find out some of the strange facts about sharks that set this species apart from the rest of the creatures in the sea!

Marine Art Contest 2017

Kids of all ages are invited to enter the 2017 Massachusetts Marine Educator's Marine Art Contest!

Science and Art collide for the 2017 Marine Art Contest hosted by the Massachusetts Marine Educators and Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary! Kids in grades K-12 are invited to submit entries in this year's contest themed 'Marine Biodiversity of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary'.  Spread the word to teachers, homeschoolers, other students, and parents about this wonderful opportunity to learn and teach others with art!

Geography Awareness Week

Explore your own community as part of Geography Awareness Week!

Did you know that this week is National Geographic's Geography Awareness Week? NG is challenging you to gain a better understanding of your own community through studying it's geography! Kids are encouraged to form teams of friends and family to explore their own neighborhood with NG's 'Mission: Explore' guidelines. Using the guidelines, team members will develop and improve geography skills: storytelling, photography, mapping and becoming involved.


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