Give the Gift of Membership

There are a lot of alternatives for gift memberships on the North Shore Massach!

Giving the gift of membership to one of your favorite organizations is a perfect way to tell somebody that you want them to share your interests and spend some time together. It's extending a hand of friendship and inviting the recipient to join you in a common experience - not just at the time of giving the gift, but throughout the year and beyond.

Gingerbread Contest at Wenham Museum

Anybody can enter the 7th Annual Wenham Museum Gingerbread Contest!

All are invited to enter the 8th Annual Gingerbread Building Contest at the Wenham Museum! Individuals or groups of any experience level and any age are welcome to submit their creation as part of this years contest for display at this year's Gingerbread Express.

Wenham Museum

Time Trails Gallery Exploration

Explore time using exhibits as clocks at the Harvard Museum of Natural History,

Explore the concept of time revealed in specimens specially marked with a 'time piece' located throughout the galleries of the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Find extraterrestrial rocks "as old as time"; look closer at giant clams whose shells, like tree rings, show each year's growth; or seek out fossilized dinosaur footprints crossing through a riverbed over 200 million years ago. Pick up the Time Trails map at the museum front desk, free with museum admission. Great for kids ages 6 and up!

CMNH Science Classes

Science classes are offered to preschoolers and homeschoolers at CMNH!

The Children's Museum of New Hampshire is now taking registrations for new preschool and homeschool science classes that begin on March 7, 2013. Each 6-week session includes hands-on experiments, lessons and creative projects under the instruction of a museum educator, and classes are separated into pre-school grouping and homeschooled children ages 5½-9.

WOW: Wonders on Wednesdays

The Harvard Museum of Natural History has the only mounted kronosaurus

Are you involved in afterschool school or community organizations? This is a great idea for a FREE afternoon outing that will bring your group to the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts to experience one of the true treasures of the Boston area - the Harvard Museum of Natural History! Groups are encouraged to come to the museum on Wednesdays between 1-5pm to explore the natural history of our planet and have hands on experiences with our collective past!


September Salem Days at Museum of Science

Salem Residents get FREE admission to MOS through September 2012!

Throughout the month of September this year, Salem residents will have a chance to experience the Museum of Science for free thanks to the Norman H. Read Trust!  Salem Residents are encouraged to come to Boston to explore MOS Exhibit Halls, catch an IMAX movie in the Mugar Omni Theater, and see one of the three shows in the Charles Hayden Planetarium!

Museum of Science
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