MFA: Spring 2016 Studio Art Classes

Museum of Fine Art 2016 Studio Art Classes

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, offers year-round studio art classes and workshops taught by experienced educators and professional artists in a unique setting. Access to a world-class collection of art provides inspiration for studio exploration. Studio art classes and workshops include day, evening, and weekend classes and workshops for all ages. You can also register for classes offered through our partner schools: Diablo Glass School, Eliot School, and Stonybrook Fine Arts.

Time Trails Gallery Exploration

Explore time using exhibits as clocks at the Harvard Museum of Natural History,

Explore the concept of time revealed in specimens specially marked with a 'time piece' located throughout the galleries of the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Find extraterrestrial rocks "as old as time"; look closer at giant clams whose shells, like tree rings, show each year's growth; or seek out fossilized dinosaur footprints crossing through a riverbed over 200 million years ago. Pick up the Time Trails map at the museum front desk, free with museum admission. Great for kids ages 6 and up!

WOW: Wonders on Wednesdays

The Harvard Museum of Natural History has the only mounted kronosaurus

Are you involved in afterschool school or community organizations? This is a great idea for a FREE afternoon outing that will bring your group to the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts to experience one of the true treasures of the Boston area - the Harvard Museum of Natural History! Groups are encouraged to come to the museum on Wednesdays between 1-5pm to explore the natural history of our planet and have hands on experiences with our collective past!

Gingerbread Contest at Wenham Museum

Anybody can enter the 7th Annual Wenham Museum Gingerbread Contest!

All are invited to enter the 7th Annual Gingerbread Building Contest at the Wenham Museum! Individuals or groups of any experience level and any age are welcome to submit their creation as part of this years contest for display at this year's Gingerbread Express.

Members of the community are invited to create gingerbread buildings with a food related theme: a candy cane factory, a pizza parlor or even a green grocer!

Entry is FREE and all entries will be returned to bakers after the display!

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