Forest River Park

This area of about 25 acres is located along the Forest River between Lafayette Street (Route 114) and Leggs Hill Road. It includes forest, meadows, wet lands, estuary, salt marsh, glacially-scared outcroppings, small ponds and a small river. There are walking trails throughout.. The estuarine land is subject to tidal action and serves as a spawning ground for much marine life as well as home for waterfowl.  The Conservation area is remarkably variable, consisting of ledge outcropping sloping from a plateau at the cemetery to the Forest River at sea level.

Chandler Hovey Park

Chandler Hovey Park, also known as Lighthouse Point, is located at the end of Follett Street, off Ocean Avenue on Marblehead Neck. The 3.74 acre park overlooks the mouth of the harbor and the shorelines of Beverly and Manchester-By-The-Sea and offers pavilions, benches. picnic tables, restrooms, swimming and parking. Originally owned by the U.S. government, it was purchased in 1948 by Marblehead resident Chandler Hovey, who donated it to the town.

Castle Rock Park

This 1.20 acre park, located off Ocean Avenue on Marblehead Neck, gets its name from the castle-like private home next to the park. Once known as "Great Head", Castle Rock was a lookout for arriving and departing fishing fleets and for pirate and enemy ships, both British and France. It offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean with benches, fishing and off-shore sailing.



North shore Nursery School NOW ENROLLING  FOR FALL 2020

Arts and Crafts for Little Ones with Colleen Apostolos

Art Classes for children with Colleen Apostolos
Certified Montessori teacher, artist and local mother, Colleen Apostolos-Marsh will guide your young artist in an exploration of color, shape, and texture. Using a variety of media, your child will be free to express their in a beautiful space while socializing and engaging in cooperative play....
10:15 am to 11:15 am
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