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Generous Gardeners

Generous Gardeners is a website to sell, swap, buy or give away plants that are near your location. You will share and receive plants that will do well in your location and lower your carbon footprint in the process.


Maudslay State Park

The former Moseley family estate on the Merrimack River, this park features 19th century gardens and plantings, rolling meadows, towering pines, and one of the largest naturally-occurring stands of mountain laurel in Massachusetts. Most breathtaking are the ornamental trees and masses of azaleas and rhododendrons that bloom in May and June. An exquisite place for walking, biking, horseback riding and informal picnics. Special Use Permits may be obtained for wedding ceremonies and similar programs.

Lynch Park

This historic park, a former estate, is the principal community park serving both city residents and Essex County region because of its beauty and unique features.  It has an attractive blend of trees, two beaches, ocean views on three sides, concert shell, carriage house with art guild room, concession stand, and formal Italian Rose Garden.  These features make it a popular site for school groups, weddings, family gatherings, camps, a variety of ceremonies and a host of community events. Another very unique feature of this park is it's Concert Shell.

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