Camps Camps and Summer Programs that offer adventure activities on Massachusetts' North Shore and beyond.

Boat Building on the Docks

Summer classes at the Maritime Gloucester Boat Shop are a perfect way to learn basic woodworking and boatbuilding skills. Students will learn fundamental woodshop safety, use of hand tools, and basic woodworking skills in a supportive group atmosphere. Under the supervision of an expert boat builder, students will build a small wooden skiff. In addition to the time in the Boat Shop, students should have time to explore Gloucester Harbor in dories, gig boats and a pinky schooner sailboat.  Register early as registration is limited to six students.

Harbor Discovery

Kids have a blast on the waterfront with Maritime Gloucester's Harbor Discovery Program

For kids who enjoyed our school year “Ocean Explorers” program, this program is for you. Come and have fun on the Maritime Gloucester working waterfront. Program includes: aquarium activities, scavenger hunts, hauling lobster traps, conducting research, building stuff, waterfront visits, and getting on the water, piers and floats at Maritime Gloucester.  Available only to Gloucester students in grades 3rd through 5th.

Wee Farmers at Appleton Farm

Summer programs and Camps at The Trustees Appleton Farms in Ipswich Massachusetts


Wee Farmers is designed for our 3-4 year old  friends who want to explore the farm, meet our animals, and get a taste of what Farm Camp is like at Appleton! Kids will get to dig into life on the farm and lend a helping hand brushing our goats, feeding our bunnies, singing songs, and taste testing in the education garden! Learn about how we grow our vegetables and see how good your senses are with Harvest Blanket. Tour the Cheese Kitchen and learn how sunshine helps to makes our delicious milk. We’ll start our morning with a quick craft and song before venturing out for some farm discovery and nature exploration. This program is perfect for younger siblings who have older siblings signed up for the Appleton Farm Camp and want to join in the fun too!


Merrohawke Nature School Summer Programs

Merrohawke Nature School has a great selection of Summer programs for kids ages 4-teen!

Merrohawke Nature School offers Summer programs for kids ages 4 and up to experience the coast landscape of the North Shore of Massachusetts and the waters of the Merriimack River and Ipswich Bay. Programs are offered at every age level to suit those who love land and sea, those who love to venture far out to sea... and those who prefer to keep their feet ashore. Merrohawke is proud to offer the most unique programs in our community, with exceptionally low staff to student ratio's and exceptionally high levels of intention and planning that goes into every day.

Little Harbor Boathouse: Youth Standup Paddle & Kayak Camp

Little Harbor BoatHouse Youth Standup Paddle & Kayak Camp

Little Harbor Boathouse Standup Paddle Board & Kayak Camp offers variety and flexibility for varied skills and water conditions. Games, relays, board/boat swapping, capsize and rescue, piano keys & more build human-powered water sport skills, balance, confidence & friendships! We operate when weather or safety calls us off-water: our staff, equipment and facility are safety & program ready. All skill levels are invited: there’s an awesome group & adventure every day for everyone! 3 WEEK CAMPS & ONE WEEK SESSIONS! For Girls and Boys ages 8 -14. ENROLL On-Line TODAY

Appleton Farm Camp

Summer programs and Camps at The Trustees Appleton Farms in Ipswich Massachusetts

Appleton Farms is one of the most significant cultural and natural landscapes in American agrarian history. Our working landscape offers a diversity of learning opportunities for all ages, from soil science and habitat management to cheese making and community supported agriculture. The rich stories, rare resources, and sustainable operations, make Appleton Farms one of the finest stages in the country to showcase and teach excellence in small-scale agriculture.



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