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At Mariana's Dancing Studio in Ipswich, MA we strive to offer a complete array of Dance styles, making the development of our students' joy and passion our first priority. Through the years, since our doors first opened in 2006, we have witnessed and experienced first-hand the impact that dance, as an art form, has on children of all ages, as well as adults.

Dancing can be compared to any sport as far as physical training is concerned: it is an excellent way to develop flexibility, strength, stamina, aerobic capacity, balance, gracefulness, and more.

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Here are 8 reasons why you want to join our summer program this year.

At MDS we realize SUMMER is an awaited time of the year. We spend months and months inside, and or under cold, gray skies which are not inviting to being outdoors. Now that summer is here, would you want your child to be locked inside for 4-5 hours at a Camp?

1. Our studios are air- conditioned, naturally sun-lit and beautiful, so being inside feels great in a hot day.

2. We strongly believe fresh air and outdoor fun should be part of every child's summer experience. Our studio is fortunate to have the perfect set up to enjoy the outdoors as well.


3. Our great location is walking distance to the beautiful Ipswich Riverwalk, where we go for walks, jogs and Picnics; the Winthrop brand new playground and park are also walking distance , where we can make use of playground equipment and wide green spaces for running, relaxing, or taking a break.  Around the corner and along the Ipswich River there is a lightly wooded area for short hikes as well. We also have a mini -pool that we set up in the back patio and water games equipment for some soaking fun. At MDS, your Summer Dance Camp is a complete  Summer experience.
4. Foam Frolic/H20: The town of Ipswich has a huge foam party every year where the firectrucks fill the park with foam. Since we are at walking distance from the event, we join in the fun! We also have our own foam machine.. for outdoor bubbly-foamy dancing! Water is inherently related to summer. Water games, a small pool in the patio, walks- lunch by the river.. small fun water breaks that add to your summer experience.
5. Dance, dance dance! Your child will be exposed to excellent dance instruction in many different styles from Hip Hop to Acro and all in between, depending on which camp you choose..Technique, style, and great music are part of the experience, as well as videoing performances for memory-keeping.
6. We incorporate craft making for those of younger ages, to promote creativity and role-playing, we use real large size props for older kids to learn how to perform around and with theatre props, and how those pieces tie into the storytelling aspect of the dancing.
7. Our Staff is the friendliest, most caring, warmest, and personable you can find. They have a strong technical dance background and experience in most styles of Dance and have been recongnized by National Competition Organizations with Top Score Awards for Choreography, Technical Achievement , Entertainement Factor and more.
8. You don't have to worry about your child's safety: your child will be in great hands, watched carefully and guided within a structure that will make for a fun learning, active and socializing experience.
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