Kingsley Pines Family Camp

Maine Family Camp Kingsley Pines Camp

Kingsley Pines Family Camp is designed to give all ages the opportunity to have as much fun as children have at Kingsley Pines Camp! There are a variety of options for families to be together and for adults and children to enjoy some time on their own. Kingsley Pines is a complete family resort facility located on Panther Lake in Raymond, Maine. With a beautiful private sandy beach, 80 acres of old tall pine trees and a crystal clear lake with an average temperature between 75° and 80°, Kingsley Pines is sure to be a fantastic family experience.

Reasons Why Family Camp is a Great Vacation!

  • Large variety of FUN activities, for ages 4 and up
  • Beautiful, scenic location on a crystal clear lake in Maine
  • Delicious meals served at our lakeside dining area
  • Amazing staff that are great with kids and adults
  • Kids get a little independence, Adults get some relaxation
  • Wholesome, friendly atmosphere
  • No crowds, No long lines, No extensive planning!
  • Build lasting memories with your family

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