Appleton Farm Camp

Summer programs and Camps at The Trustees Appleton Farms in Ipswich Massachusetts

Appleton Farms is one of the most significant cultural and natural landscapes in American agrarian history. Our working landscape offers a diversity of learning opportunities for all ages, from soil science and habitat management to cheese making and community supported agriculture. The rich stories, rare resources, and sustainable operations, make Appleton Farms one of the finest stages in the country to showcase and teach excellence in small-scale agriculture.

But if you are 7 years old, you probably don’t care about all that….yet. You want to meet our furry farm animals, gobble up strawberries in the hot sun, and play hide and seek in the sunflowers. Well, our new Farm Camp offers all that and much, much more. Farm Camp introduces children to the farm through games, activities, arts, adventure, harvesting, cooking, and most importantly time for free play in the great outdoors. We incorporate much of our STEM curriculum developed for our school program into camp so that every day is infused with learning opportunities alongside the fun. 

Farm Camp creates safe and educational opportunities for children to take part in our working farm. Appleton isn’t just about vegetables, either. We operate one of New England’s few dairy farms with friendly Jersey cows and their irresistible calves, a commercial teaching kitchen fully equipped for kids, a cheese making operation where kids can experience the sights and smells of a cheese cave and try their hand at cheese making, and endless opportunities to explore our natural world. 

At Appleton Farm Camp, our campers are kept active and engaged by a team of extraordinary counselors. We hire the brightest, most-talented, and compassionate educators because we believe that the staff can make or break your child’s camp experience. Our team’s experience combined with our camp values allow us to be flexible and highly creative when designing each day of camp so that each camper can feel comfortable and ready to dig in!

Please contact Camp Director Pilar Redmond at 978.356.5728 x.4126 with questions.

978.356.5728 x.4126
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