Snow Day Fun: Snow Painting

Snow Painting

Snow Painting: Kids of all ages, learn how to make snow paint for more snow fun outside. Snow days are sure to be some of the lasting memories for your child so get out there as much as you can. Kids always have a blast with snowballs, igloos, snowmen, sledding hills and we've been experimenting with snow paint and snow gems at our house.

Snow Painting is a cool, cheap, and almost no prep-time activity for all ages, toddlers included. No need to buy a pricey snow painting kit - the DIY version is far better.

You Need:

  • liquid food coloring, any brand
  • tap water
  • recycled plastic spray bottles, any size (ideally with adjustable squirt / spray nozzle)

What You Do:

1. In spray bottle fill with warm-ish tap water.

2. Add about 15 to 20 drops of food coloring, depending on the size of your bottle-more for some colors like yellow and red for bold color. Mix colors with the kids for a science experiment. Make orange with 10 drops yellow, then 5 of red. Screw on tops, shake to mix. TIP: spray a bit on a paper towel to check for intensity - if too faint, add more coloring.

3. Take the bottles outside in a bag and have a blast painting snow mazes, snow art, or games like hopscotch and even Mr. Snowman! Use the Squirt or Stream setting for fine detail, and mist settings for larger areas. Experiment with spraying close-up or father away for different effects. For more science in color mixing, spray yellow on the red for orange and yellow on the blue for green, and so on for purple, etc.

TIP: For more artistic results with detail work, pack and smooth down an area about four feet square.