Perseid Meteor Shower 2017

The Persied Meteor Shower promises a great show if the skies are clear!

The Perseid meteor show is an annual astronomy event that happens on Earth between mid- July and late August.  In 2017, the Perseids will be peaking on August 12th, with the best viewing being August 11-13!  Many meteors will be visible in the night sky as Earth passes through the debris trail left by the passage of comet Sift-Tuttle.  This years showers should have up to one hundred meteors per hour and the best time to view them is the dark hours before dawn. 

That doesn't mean you cant see meteors before then, you can start sky watching any time after 10pm.  To increase your chances of seeing as many meteors as possible, go to the coast or the country far from municipal light sources like cities and large populated areas that cast ambient light skyward.  The darker the enviroment, the better your chances of seeing many shooting stars!

NASA's APP - 'Meteor Counter'

You can also count the number of stars that you see with an app created by NASA just for that purpose! The app helps amateurs count shooting stars in a scientific way, with results being sent back to NASA for use in analysis of the meteor shower and to aid in modeling the Perseid debris stream.  The app is free and can be downloaded using the links below!

For more information watch the video:

NASA Perseid Meteor Shower

Happy stargazing!