Ghosts of Jupiter Opens at MOS

Visitors will experience a rock-and-roll journey at Museum of Science

On Friday, June 22, 2012, visitors to the Museum of Science, Boston will experience a rock-and-roll journey through space and time, with the premiere of Ghosts of Jupiter: Music Experience. Celebrating the release of their self-titled album, Ghosts of Jupiter, the Boston-bred rock quintet has partnered with the Museum to create a new eye-popping music entertainment show in the Charles Hayden Planetarium that will take museumgoers on a fantastic ride into the outer reaches of the mind.

"The Museum kept what was great about the old Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd shows...then made it way better." — Kevin Johnson, Berklee College of Music

Inspired by the classic rock of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Cream melded with the serious crush of contemporaries like The Raconteurs and The Black Keys, this Boston-based quintet is the rare act that merges all the things you love about rock music into a cohesive whole. Founded by keyboardist Nate Wilson, Ghosts of Jupiter have been steadily making a name for themselves in the New England music scene. The band features the twin guitars of Adam Terrell and Johnny Trama, along with bassist Tommy Lada and drummer Tom Arey holding down the band's rhythm section. Powerful, fuzzy guitars with soaring, airy vocals; pounding drum and bass lines and ethereal lyrics; songs that evolve over five minutes and riffs that explain themselves in a second: it's a classic rock feel with a futuristic aura.

Ghosts of Jupiter: Music Experience is a vibrant combination of the band's eponymous album and the Museum's cutting-edge technology. The newly renovated Charles Hayden Planetarium is the most technologically advanced digital theater in New England. Powered by superior full-dome video and audio systems, the theater has created a fully-immersive rock entertainment show that transports visitors through the outermost reaches of space, all underneath the Planetarium's 57-foot dome screen.

Admission to the Charles Hayden Planetarium is $10 for adults, $9 for seniors (60+) and $8 for children (3-11). For information on tickets and showtimes, please call 617-723-2500, 617-589-0417 (TTY) or visit the Museum's web site at For additional information about Ghosts of Jupiter, visit:

Ghosts of Jupiter: Music Experience