The Brain Balance Program and ADHD

Brain Balance Achievement Center in Danvers Massachusetts can help with ADHD and

A new clinical trial demonstrates the efficacy of the Brain Balance program in boosting academic performance and reducing symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention in children with ADHD.

The study included 122 children ages 6 to 13 that were diagnosed with ADHD. Upon the completion of a 12-week program, 81% of the children no longer demonstrated ADHD related behaviors. Academic performance improved by more than 2 grade levels in reading and math reasoning in 84% and 81% of the children tested respectively.

The Brain Balance program is a non-drug approach using multiple sensory and motor activities combined with academic activities and nutritional advice to improve the functions that represent the building blocks for faster processing of information and modulation of emotions and movement.

Dr. Steven Bromberg from the Brain Balance Center in Danvers states that,

“By activating specific parts of the brain we can increase the speed of connections that regulate thought, emotion and movement and help eliminate the symptoms of ADHD.”

For more information about the Brain Balance Program and a copy of this clinical trial call the Danvers center at 978-705-9570 or visit the center at 156 Andover St in Danvers.