Yankee Homecoming Parade Bed Race

Yankee Homecoming Annual Bed Race

The Newbuyrport Yankee Homecoming Bed Race is an annual event in Newburyport hosted by the Lions Club of Newburyport.  The race is a ¼ mile team sprint down Federal Street to the finish line. Each team consists of 3 pushers, 2 pullers and a 'sleeper', and the goal is to get to the finish line with the bed and sleeper in the fastest time!   This is a fun event for the communityr and always draws a big crowd.  Come cheer on your favorite team, or just watch the fun! Funds raised will go to Lions Club charities.

To join the race, download the rules and a registration form below. Contact Chad McDonald for more information!

Yankee Homecoming Bed Racing 2015

Thursday, August 3, 2017 Setup: 5:30pm; Race:6:00pm
$30 Registration per Team