North Pole Idol

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North Pole Idol is looking for singers on the North Shore!

Come to Marblehead for North Pole Idol - a contest to see who has what it takes to win a $500 cash prize with their voice! This live performance competition will take place at

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at the end of November - part of the Marblehead Christmas Walk.  Contestants will be chosen by auditioning live or online, so see the instructions below to find out how you can audition!

2012 Finalists Have Been Chosen!

Those listed below will be performing live at North Shore Idol for a chance to win $500 cash:

  • Davis Franklin
  • G.T.M.
  • Amanda Howard
  • Annabelle Kearney
  • Philip Pereira
  • Sara Rhuda
  • Alice Sullivan
  • Sarah Tallent
  • Julia Taliesin
  • Elizabeth Tauro
  • Lynda-Rose Veciarello

Come to the

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event on December 1, where contestants will perform and a winner will be chosen!

This event is sponsored by A Dancer’s Dream and Marblehead & Salem School of Music.

Saturday, December 1, 2012 1-4 pm