Fish Box Derby

The Gloucester Fish Box Derby encourages teamwork and friendly competition!

The Fish Box Derby Race is a family event that focuses on teamwork and fun! Contestants race their own cars, built on their design and with the assistance of their parent, grandparent, or other adult influence in their lives. Boys and Girls from ages eight to fourteen are eligible to enter (there are no fees to enter). The cars reflect each individual style and mechanical abilities.

This is great way to spend a Sunday morning with your child - as a participant or as a spectator.  It can fuel a child's imagination and inspire them to create by seeing what others have built, and the fun that comes from completing a project.

The fishbox derby starting line is located at the top of the hill on Rogers Street, just outside the entrance to the Gorton's Fish processing plant. The finish line is located at the bottom of the hill on Rogers Street just before the Rose Baker Senior Center.

2010 Fish Box Derby Video by Kenny McCarthy

Sunday, September 17, 2017 at Noon