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The Salem Zombie Walk is a fun time for all, and kinda scary! Salem Massachusetts Haunted Happenings
The Salem Zombiewalk has been an annual event for a number of years. This is a great family-friendly event of a genre that incorporates all aspects of life, or rather, undead that takes place in Halloweentown, USA during Halloween Season. Prior to the Zombiewalk, participants gather at Collins Cove Park for some field day activities, last minute costume tweaks and alterations, and of course to admire other lovers of the Zombie theme. Pets are welcome, so long as they are crowd friendly and well-behaved (and don't mind Zombies). Details are on the official flyer, please look for it on Facebook, and share the event. Fun activities start at 3:30pm, parade at 4:30.
Location: Collins Cove Playground, Downtown Salem
Take the Carboard Challenge in Salem Ma with the Phoenix School and Imagination Foundation!
In partnership with the Imagination Foundation, the Phoenix School will host its annual Cardboard Challenge at Armory Park in Salem. Join in the worldwide celebration of creativity and imagination where everyone is challenged to design and create using cardboard and recycled materials. The Phoenix School Cardboard Challenge is part of a global Day of Play around the world. The Phoenix School’s Global Cardboard Challenge is an opportunity for kids, parents, students of all ages, adults -- everyone!-- to join in the FUN!
Find out the story behind the granite at Halibut Point State Park in Rockport!
Halibut Point State Park is also a granite quarry with a history that goes back billions of years! A rock is not a thing but a drama, it can teach us about the great unifying science and the unique geology of Cape Ann. Rocks can tell us a lot about how the landscape was formed and the geology of Cape Ann tells us great stories, all visible at Halibut Point. Meet at the Visitors Center in the park. For all ages. Rain or shine, pouring rain cancels.
Location: Halibut Point State Park
At Maudslay State Park , you can join the park interpreter on a tour of the former Moseley Family estate to view the house sites, gardens and farm complex area and talk about their historical significance. Appropriate for ages 8 – 13. Meet at the Visitors Center at 74 Curzon Mill Rd. Wear comfortable shoes and bring water.
Location: Maudslay State Park
Find out everything about fungus and become a fungus detective at IRWS!
As fall descends, we will explore the sanctuary forests and wetlands for various fungi and lichens. We will learn what they are and how they are different, and what habitats are common to each. Their beautiful colors, textures, and patterns reveal a beautiful world in all seasons. This can become a wonderful family outdoor hobby, and you will always find new treasures awaiting you if you look closely.
Location: Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary
Come to Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary for an afternnon paddle for the little ones!
The Ipswich River is the perfect river to start your children canoeing. We'll pair up two adults and two children per canoe and take a leisurely paddle up the river. We'll stop off in one of the backwater areas and do some dipping in the river to observe up close the creatures under the surface. On our return, we'll enjoy a snack at the canoe landing and talk about what we discovered. Bring a blanket and we'll provide a sweet treat.
Location: Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary
Come see whats happening at the farm! Appleton Farms, Ipswich Massachusetts!
Experience Appleton Farms anytime of day with our newest program Fun in the Farmyard! Drop by our Carriage Barn anytime between 10am-2pm on Sundays to learn about life on the farm and meet some of our friendly farm animals. Activities change every half hour and can include play with the goats, meet a chicken, seed starting, butter making, farm story time, nature crafts and more. This event is free and all ages are welcome! Make a day of it and bring a picnic lunch or stop by our Dairy Store to grab some goodies and spend your day on the farm.
Location: Appleton Farms
Celebrate Discoverers Day at Ravenswood Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts!
Celebrate Discovers Day with indoor hands-on activities, a discovery desk, and an investigation station at Ravenswood Park in Gloucester. Explore outdoors with a discovery detective pack, hike-n-seeks, quests, and more!
Location: Ravenswood Park
Holt Hill at Ward Reservation is marked with Solstice Stones and has panoramic
Select weekends this fall, let us help you explore the fall foliage of Ward Reservation. With craft activities, games, story times, and scavenger hunts to take with you on the trail, we have all you need to create a memorable nature adventure fit for the whole family. Activities can be found up on Holt Hill. Drop in anytime between 10am and 1pm Story Times at 10:30 and 12:30
Location: Ward Reservation
Talk a walk through history at Ravenswood, and explore this wonderful park in Gl
Walk through history at Ravenswood Park! Ravenswood has changed from a main thoroughfare to a forgotten backwoods, and now to our favorite local refuge over time. See the evidence in cellar holes, stonewalls, and carriage paths. Learn the stories of a colorful cast of characters who transformed it into a such special place. Pre-registration requested.
Location: Ravenswood Park