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Salem Jazz and Soul Festival hosts a monthly music-education series, “MusicKidz"
The Salem Jazz and Soul Festival hosts a monthly music-education series, “MusicKidz”, in which children (K-5) can learn about music and have fun, monthly at the Salem YMCA's Music Room (requires parental supervision). Sponsored by the Howling Wolf Taqueria!
Location: Salem YMCA
Kids of all ages are invited to enter the 2016 Marine Art Contest!
Science and Art collide for the 2016 Marine Art Contest hosted by the Massachusetts Marine Educators and Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary! Kids in grades K-12 are invited to submit entries in this year's contest themed 'Marine Biodiversity of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary'.  Spread the word to teachers, homeschoolers, other students, and parents about this wonderful opportunity to learn and teach others with art!
Come learn about the animals of the world at the Mass Audubon Joppa Flats Cen
Joppa Flats Education Center school vacation programs offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities while we keep minds active and hands busy during school break with free-flow learning for the whole family. Each session offers a different theme, with scheduled family presentations and something to engage hearts and minds for all ages and interests. For ages 7 and up, there are STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) activity stations featuring experiments, challenges, data sheets, maps, and charts. For ages 2 to 6, there are stories, crafts, table top games, coloring pages, and science activities. Family presentations will be offered at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.
Location: Joppa Flats Education Center
Calling all dads! Bring your kids to Sawyer Free Library for a Saturday morning
This is a great opportunity for dads (uncles, grandfathers, cousins or other father figures) to spend time with their kids! Come to the Sawyer Free with the kids for a storytime filled with songs, stories,snacks and fun!  Great for kids aged 2-6 (siblings are welcome). Moms and siblings welcome to attend.
Location: Sawyer Free Library
Museum of Fine Arts Children's Vacation Activities
Tune in to Art The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), invites kids for storytelling, musical performances, family tours and art activities during the Cogan Family Foundation Vacation Week Adventures (February 15–19). Special events include Story Hour, offering toddler-friendly stories about visual art and music, and the Family Art Walk, a 30-minute guided tour of musical art for all ages. Throughout the week, visitors can enjoy performances in the Alfond Auditorium that celebrate Greek, Latin American, African, Native American and South Indian traditions. Art-making activities allow kids to try their hand at designing dance costumes, crafting rattles, creating rhythmic black-and-white collages and assembling sculptural musical instruments out of cardboard—all inspired by objects in the collections.
Location: Museum of Fine Arts
Join the Trustees of Reservations at  the Crane Wildlife Refuge in Ipswich Massachusetts in search of the Snowy Owl!
Join The Trustees of Reservations at Crane Wildlife Refuge on the Crane Estate in search of the Snowy Owl! Wide-open coastal sites are the location of choice for wintering Snowy Owls; common perches are dunes and salt hay staddles. In winters past, the owls have been frequent visitors to the Crane Wildlife Refuge. Join us as we hike the dunes in search of these magnificent birds. Unlike most owls, snowy owls are diurnal (they hunt and are active both day and night) so we have a good chance of sighting one even in the daylight hours!
Location: Crane Wildlife Refuge on the Crane Estate
Star Wars a New Hope at the ipswich Massachusetts Performing Arts Center.
Come to  the Ipswich Performing Arts Center for a showing of the film that started the Star Wars original trilogy! This fundraiser showing is hosted by the Ipswich High School Environmental Club.  Everybody is welcome and funds raised will go to purchase another water bottle filter in at Ipswich High School.
Location: Ipswich Performing Arts Center
Sign up for one or all days of February Vacation Activities at IRWS in Topsfield
Winter is an exciting time for outdoor discovery. The Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary has put together four days of hands-on, interactive, age-appropriate activities to explore the natural world in Winter. Kids will hone their  observation skills as they locate and learn about winter animals and tap a sugar maple tree to make syrup.
Location: Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary
Find out how carnivorous predators use instinct and skill to survive winter
Winter is a great time to look for predators and the evidence they leave behind. Today, we'll look at animal bones, fur, scat, tracks, and chews. Then we'll hike the sanctuary in search of hawks, foxes, fishers, river otters, and more. We'll investigate how these animals are able to hunt prey in the cold winter weather.
Location: Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary
 Have you ever walked through the woods looking for owls during the day?
Have you ever walked through the woods looking for owls during the day? Owls are most active at night, of course, but if you know what to look for you can find their daytime roosts. Together we'll discover what our local owls look like, what they eat, and what they sound like. As a special activity, everyone will help to dissect an owl pellet.
Location: Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary