Lemberg Summer Camp

Lemberg Summer Camp  is very much a continuation of our play-based, educationally enriching school year program with a little water play and living outdoors thrown in. Lemberg Hall is set in the heart of the beautiful Brandeis University campus, far from the busy streets of Waltham.

The Castle is within steps of us, as are nature trails winding through wooded areas, two ponds and a complex of athletic, music, art, dance, and theater facilities to engage and thrill everyone. Our curriculum is drawn from the interests of the children (emergent) and planned around themes that take us on trips of fantasy to explore the wonders of distant places as well as our own backyard which is this extraordinary university campus. 

Our Summer Camp is designed so parents can select and pay only for the weeks they need in the summer. Though mostly comprised of children who either attended or will attend the Lemberg Children's Center school year program, all children are welcome.

Our program is intentionally small, around 25 children each week, who are subdivided into three groups. These groups consist of: children who are toddlers under 2.9 years, those who are under four years and children over four.

Our summer director, Bruce Johnson-Beykont, has led the program since 2005 and is on the faculty of early education at Bogazici University, Istanbul, does research on quality of child care and was a former head teacher in our school year program before his doctoral work at the Harvard University School of Education. Our lead teachers and teaching assistants usually have worked in our school rear program. Nearly all work full time (40 hours) and are here for all the weeks of the summer.

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