iD Tech Summer Camp - Coding, Game Dev, Robotics, and Design

coding, game dev, robotics, and design

Google. Facebook. Epic Games. Warner Brothers. iD Tech students are going on to land dream jobs at the world’s most iconic companies. Along the way, many will attend top colleges, launch their own startups, and create game-changing nonprofits. Our extraordinary student outcomes are unmatched by any other program in the industry.

iD Tech Camps
Ages 7–17 | Summer | Weeklong Sessions
Day & Overnight | 150+ Locations

Welcome to the original tech camp, built around YOU. Code a mobile app. Design your own video game. Produce a viral video. Discover the secrets of cryptography. Our flagship program features over 30 innovative courses, blending world-class instruction with fun camp activities. In each weeklong session, you’ll explore an inspiring campus, make new friends, and build skills that last long after summer.

Alexa Café
Girls Ages 10–15 | Summer | Weeklong Sessions
Day & Overnight | 15+ Locations Nationwide

Inspired by iD Tech co-founder Alexa Ingram-Cauchi, our all-girls program blends tech, entrepreneurship, and social impact in a fresh, café-like setting. Big ideas come to life amidst moon chairs and stylish decor. Whether you want to code an app for charity, design a mobile game, or discover AI, you'll collaborate with new friends and create a project you're passionate about.

Our Alexa Café courses are endorsed by SWE, the Society of Women Engineers.

iD Coding & AI Academy
Ages 13–18 | Summer | Two-Week Sessions
Overnight | Beginner to Advanced
15+ Prestigious Universities

Get ready to shape the future and build the in-demand skills sought by companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, NASA, and Tesla. In this intensive dev shop, you’ll experience the thrill of startup culture and push boundaries with software—all on a prestigious university campus.

iD Game Dev Academy
Ages 13–18 | Summer | Two-Week Sessions
Overnight | Beginner to Advanced
10+ Prestigious Universities

Kickstart your dream career and build the in-demand skills sought by studios like Epic Games, EA, and Ubisoft—all on a prestigious university campus. In this immersive game studio experience, you’ll take on the role of a 3D modeler, gameplay programmer, or level designer, learn the full cycle of game production, and discover how to turn your love of gaming into a lucrative career.

Ages 16–19 | Summer | Three-Week Sessions
Overnight | Held at Stanford & Rice

· Learn AI and data science from elite faculty
· Tour well-known tech companies
· Present your work to top tech recruiters

Get immersed in startup culture and build specialized skills in data science, machine learning, and AI, while networking with the brightest, most experienced iD Tech students. Apply your skills in Python coding, robotics engineering, and game programming to a passion project, individually or with a team.To execute your vision, you’ll have access to the most cutting-edge tech, from NVIDIA Jetson boards to Anki’s Cozmo. When your project is complete, show off your skills and creativity to top tech recruiters, and leave with a portfolio that commands attention.

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