Adventures in 3D Game Design with Minecraft®

Kids will build a MineCraft Adventure as part of a dev team at this Summer Camp

Do you have a Minecraft fan in your house? Here's a unique opportunity to turn their love of the game into a wonderful learning experience that fosters creativity, critical thinking and teamwork! This one week course is for kids ages 8-12, where the only requirements are the love of the game and the desire to craft more! This course is part of the Digital Media Academy at Harvard University course catalog for the Summer of 2014.

The DMA Experience: Game Design with Minecraft™

Minecraft® is for game makers. Digital Media Academy will show kids how to unlock the game as a creative engine and take their problem-solving skills to the next level while learning to build and modify amazing Minecraft® worlds with a development team made up of their peers.

Student will create their own Adventure Map inside Minecraft®, as they are guided from design to production to play-testing. Kids explore the many jobs required to develop games: programmer, game designer, architect and artist. After learning the basics of each role, students concentrate on one or two roles while working together as a development team.

The programmer develops interactive maps, primarily by using Redstone. Meanwhile, the game designer focuses on the game’s story and how the game works, and modifies game elements. The architect focuses on design, using Minecraft®’s block-building system to create levels. Finally, the artist creates pixel art for items and textures, using graphics software like Adobe® Photoshop®. A fantastic hands-on game-making experience.

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