Ripple Effect, The Art of H2O

Discover the inspiration of water on art and water as an artistic medium at PEM

Ripple Effect, in PEM's interactive Art & Nature Center, highlights water as a medium for artistic expression and hands-on exploration. Visitors encounter water in its different states - solid, liquid and gas - as they investigate artworks inspired by rivers, geysers, snowflakes, fog and more.

Water's allure to contemporary artists as a creative medium is compelling, especially in relation to the unique, life-giving properties of this substance we so often take for granted. Support provided by ECHO (Education through Cultural and Historical Organizations), the East India Marine Associates (EIMA) of the Peabody Essex Museum, and the museum's Art & Nature Committee. 

Note: PEM is open on most Holiday Mondays

Now through July 8, 2012 10am - 5pm
Note: PEM is open on most Monday Holidays
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