Marine Science Experience

Tour Salem State's Cat Cove Marine Lab for Trails and Sails! FREE!

Come tour the Cat Cove Marine Laboratory as part of Trails & Sails 2017! The Cat Cove Marine Laboratory is operated by Salem State University to promote the sustainable use of aquatic resources on the North Shore and elsewhere. Massachusetts’ North Shore is historically, culturally and economically linked with the ocean. More recently, the ecological importance of coastal waters has been recognized. Salem State University and its Cat Cove Marine Laboratory acknowledge the traditional, biological and social importance of our coastal waters. Methods to preserve, manage and utilize this treasured resource are developed and disseminated at the Laboratory. Participants in Trails & Sails will tour the Laboratory, learn about its relevance and gain insight into how some of their tax dollars are being spent. The visit is interactive, be prepared to feed fish, shellfish and to handle creepy crawlers!

Event Capacity: 24

Friday, September 15, 2017 3:30-5pm
FREE as part of Trails and Sails