Beverly Farmers' Market - Late Fall

The Beverly Fall Farmers Market is held indoors at the Cove Community Center

Beverly Farmers' Market has moved indoors for the remainder of 2012! Our local farmers still have a lot to offer at this time of year. Certain greens love the chilly weather like Spinach, Swiss Chard, and Lettuce. You will also find amazing Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, and Cauliflower. There's a lot more to choose from including cranberries, apples, squash and other gourds and a whole list of great food to fill your produce needs! Additionally you can drop off your compostables to be recycled back into 'black gold'!

Beverly Farmers’ Market's mission is to provide an attractive and well organized setting for local farmers, producers of local food, and local artists to sell their products on a regular basis in downtown Beverly.

The Farmers’ Market aims to support local agriculture while making healthy food available to members of the Beverly community at affordable prices, promote sustainable living practices, and foster community development.

First Three Wednesdays of November and December 2012 3-7 p.m.