Bartlet Mall

The historic Bartlet Mall, located in Newburyport, Mass., is a beautiful park featuring a large recreational area and ornamental pond. It was first shaped thousands of years ago by ice which broke off a retreating glacier. When the ice finally melted, it left a steep-sided gully that geologists call a kettle hole.

In 1645 the first settlers from England named the water at the bottom of the kettle hole "Frog Pond". Here they watered thousands of their sheep, which grazed on the ridge above.

The promenade style walkway is  a perfect sitting for strolling (or running).  The Frog Pond Playground is located adjacent to the North East corner of the park.


Bartlett Mall
High Street between State and Green Streets
Newburyport, MA

Coordinates: 42° 48' 29.3796" N, 70° 52' 30.0648" W