Free Activities

Free Activities

North Shore Kid Trails & Sails 2011 Picks!

We've cherry-picked the Trails and Sails catalog for the best family events!

There are a lot of FREE things to do on the North Shore thanks to the Essex Heritage's Trail & Sails final weekend. Essex Heritage has 200+ events in their catalog, so we have gone through and cherry-picked some of the best events for families with children.  Grab the rain gear (just in case!) and hit some of the most unique places to go on the North Shore while learning the history and heritage of Essex County with your family!

Geocaching on the North Shore

Geocaching North of Boston

Geocaching is a free, fun, high-tech treasure hunt, where players use a handheld GPS and coordinates to find the cache or treasure. Our cousin introduced us to the game this past spring and it is really fun.  Plus, it is free to start and it is an activity your entire family can enjoy together. The north shore lends itself to many fabulous Geocaching locations with over one million caches stashed all around the world – many here on the north shore. I very much enjoy and recommend it so join in and let the hunt begin!

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