Kingsley Pines Camp - The Way Camp Should Be

A traditional camp experience. Kingsley Pines is the way camp should be.

You can’t go very far at Kingsley Pines without hearing a laugh or seeing a smile. Kinglsey Pines Camp is the place where your child learns to share, listen, work well with others, and is free to just be a kid.

Kingsley Pines is now accepting registration for Summer 2014. This outstanding summer camp fills up fast. Call today to learn more! 855-799-7788 (toll free)

Safe Surroundings
Our trained mature counselors have a genuine interest in and compassion for children. All counselors are screened and then carefully chosen to be positive role models. This safe surrounding nurtures and challenges each child so they can develop a higher level of self-confidence.

Enriching Environment
Our staff understands that a child first needs to feel secure before they will explore and try new things. Kingsley Pines non-regimented sessions foster independence and give campers the responsibility of choosing all their own activities. Through daily interaction with fellow campers and staff, children learn to problem solve and help others.Camp gives them a true sense of who they are and how they can contribute to the community around them.

Friendships Forever
Living, laughing, and playing together connects our campers in ways that form lifelong friendships. Kingsley Pines is like a village where every camper feels comfortable, whether they are a first time or returning camper. Our camp is so much fun they’ll want to come back year after year!

A Complete Camp Experience
Attending Kingsley Pines allows flexibility in planning your summer. Choose any of the three sessions and your child will have all the benefits of a whole camp experience. It’s the way camp should be.

855-799-7788 (toll free)
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